Rotary Kiln Installation Preparation Works

What is the general preparation works before installation of rotary kiln?
Rotary Kiln Structure
Before installation, please get familiar with drawing and the relative technical documents from the suppliers and acquire information of structure of the equipment and technical requirements for erection. Decide procedures and ways of mounting according to detailed on-site condition. Prepare necessary mounting tool and equipment. Draw up working and erection program, carefully design and construct so as to accomplish the erection task quickly with high quality.
During equipment inspection and acceptance, the company in charge of installation works shall check completeness and quality of equipment. If it is found that the quality is not enough or has defects caused by transportation or storage, the installation company should inform the relevant company to try to make repair or replace work first. For those important dimensions might affect installation quality, check according to drawings and make records patiently, also in the meantime discuss with design party for modification.
Before being installed, components shall be cleaned and removed from rust. Drawings shall be checked carefully by the engineers so as to avoid damaging components. Check and make up serial numbers and marks for those joined parts in advance to prevent them from being mixed up and lost and affect assembly. Dismantling and cleaning shall be done under clean circumstances. After cleaning, fresh anti-rust oil shall be smashed onto those parts. Quality of used oil shall be conformed to stipulations on drawings. Then they shall be sealed properly so as to prevent them from being polluted and rusted.
In the course of hauling and transporting components, all hauling equipment, wire ropes, lifting hooks and other tools must have enough coefficient safety. Wire rope is not allowed to have direct contact with working surfaces of parts and components. Hauling hook or eye screw on gear box and upper cover of bearing and lift hole on supporting roller shaft end shall be only used to lift themselves and not be permitted to be used to lift the whole assembly unit. Special attention shall be paid on these relevant cases. While horizontally transport parts and components must be kept to be balanced. It is not allowed to place them upside down or set upright. For sections of shell body, riding ring, supporting roller and other cylindrical parts and components, they shall be tightly fixed onto the crosstie support, then underneath support with rolling rod, and then haul with cable winch. It is forbidden to haul it directly on the ground or on rolling rod.
In order to align girth gear ring and shell body, it would be necessary to rotate the kiln. Wire rope shall be up to being leaded out through pulley which is suspended on the hoist or ridge lifting support. As friction to supporting roller bearing and bending moment born by shell body would be minimum when pulling force is up. It would be better to use temporarily installed kiln drive device to rotate the kiln, and it would be good help to keep the speed even and shorten the work time while auto-welding interfaces of shell body.

Post time: Mar-27-2024